W6IHG Radio Tuner

Want to control your Yaesu FT-847, Icom IC-910 or Kenwood TS-2000 Satellite Radios automatically from your computer?
Want to know your current doppler corrections for your uplink and downlink frequencies?
Tired of twisting that little sub-band VFO knob to keep your transmitter on frequency?
Want to find your downlink signal easily and quickly?
Want to make a schedule on AO-40 without hunting all over the band?
Want to tune your uplink frequency automatically as you keep the other station tuned in during a fast moving LEO pass?
Want to know that you are outside the Guard Bands for the AO-40 Middle Beacon?
New: Now controls any two radios with computer interfaces to track Transmit Simplex with Receive Simplex operatiton.

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Brief Description of W6IHG Radio Tuner

The W6IHG Radio Tuner automatically controls your FT-847, IC-910 or TS-2000 satellite duplex radios, as well as any two radios (with computer interface) operating in simplex mode, making all the necessary corrections to account for doppler. All you have to do is tune for new signals and call - you know your transmitter will be adjusted to the correct frequency for you.
Works with Microsoft Windows (screen 1024x768). Requires Nova for Windows for Range Rate information
Works with up-converters and down-converters.
Corrects for doppler shift on both LEO and HEO satellites; Analog or Digital.
Has three modes for Doppler Correction -

Full Doppler Tuning

Tunes both your transmitter and your receiver to maintain a constant Satellite Transmit frequency. This mode allows QSO to be maintained on one frequency at the Satellite without swishing through other QSOs.

Tune Rx

Maintains a constant receive frequency for your ground receiver. Your ground transmitter automatically is corrected to your ground receiver frequency. You tune your receiver to a new frequency with the Radio Tuner slider.

Tune Tx

Maintains a constant transmit frequency for your ground transmiter. Your ground receiver automatically is corrected to your ground transmitter frequency. You tune your transmitter to a new frequency with the Radio Tuner slider.

New: A two radio version is now available that includes handling of two comm ports, offset correction for major downlink errors, a fast tune mode, and "quick" memories

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