SO2R Equipment for Sale
For details contact jpixton at shentel dot net
70 ft tower Glen Martin 70 foot guyed aluminum tower with "trolley" for raising and lower the antenna. Hinged base allows the entire tower to be assembled on the ground and then raised to the vertical with a crane. Has Yaesu G-1000DXA antenna rotator with thrust bearing attached to the trolley. Trolley can be raised and lowered (while keeping one set of guys attached) with a hand crank but it works better with a 5/8" electric drill to automate the crank. Has Lightning Rod kit. Tower is in the air at the moment. Sweat-equity can be earned by helping disassemble the 10 foot units. [SOLD]
2 element beam The Force 12 C-4XL (now called the Delta-4XL) covers 40/20/15/10 meters (and 17/12 with a tuner) with 9 elements on a 30 ft boom. The two 40m elements are linear loaded and 37 feet long. Has two feedlines with baluns (one for 20/15/10m and one for 40m). 24 ft turning radius.

Array Solutions SixPac 6x2 used for SO2R. [SOLD]
foldover tower The US Tower TMM-433SS is a 33 ft crank-up tower that lowers to 11 ft for easy maintenance of satellite beams, etc from a step ladder. The tower tilts over and with the TRX-80 Raising Fixture (included) allows quick and safe one-man installation. [SOLD]
  The Yaesu VL-1000 Linear Amplifier is all solid state operating on 160 thru 6 meters with a power output level of 1000 watts on CW and SSB (500 watts on continuous data modes such as RTTY). Has a build-in antenna tuner with 240 memories. Has two exciter input ports as well as 4 antenna jacks. It can be band switched with BCD data. The separate VP-1000 Power Supply provides +48 volts for the PA transistors. It normally uses 220 volts AC but can be operated at the 500 watt level from 117 volt AC.
The TopTen Band Decoder provides one of six selection from 4 bit BCD input or manual switch selection, Provides either source or sink outputs. Can drive several filter relays or using a Relay Driver (see below) as many switches as you need for bandpass, band reject stubs, antennas, etc. [SOLD]
radio 2 The IC-756 Pro II provides 100 watts output on all HF ham bands and 6 meters. The high resolution TFT color dot matrix LCD display provides real time specturm scope. The 32 bit floating point DSP Digital IF filter provides both soft and sharp shapes and includes a twin-peak, very sharp, filter for RTTY. Has built-in antenna tuner. Included is microphone, manual and CT-17 CI-V interface

The MFJ Tunable DSP filter is a highly selective audio filter. It contains 5 tunable filters, 5 pre-set filters, a tunable notch filter, an automatic notch filter, and an adaptive noise reduction filter. Filter settings can be saved in one of ten memory positions. Two units.

tuner The Ameritron ATR-30 Antenna Tuner handles 3 kilowatt peak output. The "T" matching network, with a large roller inductor, covers 1.8 to 30MHz matching a range of 35 to 500 ohms. The six position antenna switch provides for two antennas either through the tuner or direct (bypass) and a third antenna direct only. Also has a single-wire or balance line output.

Array Solutions Level Converter/Relay Driver (2 units). Allows mixing of sourcing and sinking devices. Also allows relay voltage to be + or - up to 50 volts AC or DC. Two banks of 6 relays.


One set of W3NQN Low Power bandpass filters for 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m and 10m. Two Array Solutions FM-6 Filter Master (6x2) switches with cables. Switch filters in or out directed by your band decoder BCD. [SOLD]

Yaesu FT-847 Earth Station covers all 9 HF bands plus 50, 144 and 430 MHz. 100 watts on HF with 50 watts on VHF/UHF. Satellite operation with FULL Duplex crossband operation with uplink and downlink VFOs track together. Computer controlled for Doppler correction.
Astron RS-70M Linear Regulated Power Supply. Dual meters.  70 amp at 13.8 Vdc Peak output. Continuous output is 57 amps at 13.8 Vdc. Voltage adjustment range 11 to 15 volts. Ripple less than 5mv peak to peak. Weighs 48 lbs.
Two units Top Ten Six Way Antenna Relay boxes. Three section 40m stub filter. Two section 15m stub filter
Two units Array Solutions RATPak 1x6 antenna relay switches. [SOLD] Three section 20m stub filter. One section 80m stub filter