Pam Pittenger Art Work

Pam Pittenger

Amissville, Virginia


Pam Pittinger grew up on Long Island, New York. She moved to Northern California when she was 21 and was involved in diverse art disciplines including holography, soft sculpture, and stained glass. In 1987 she married and moved overseas enjoying the diverse cultures of The Philippines, Scotland, and Thailand. She showed her work in all these places, including a solo show in Bangkok. She and her husband came to visit her sister in Virginia in 2000 and loved it so much they decided to call it home. She has been a member of the Middle Street Gallery since November, 2006.

Pam started painting in earnest in 1984. Although her paintings are abstract she draws a lot of inspiration from the places she has lived, especially Thailand. Her work is generally very colorful with a strong graphic quality and she enjoys layering new images over older images that have been partly erased or masked in some way. Gradually a rich surface is built on the canvas in this way. She never starts with a design or subject in mind to begin with, but often finds a story along the way, usually of a humorous content.

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