Steven Kenny Artwork

Steven Kenny

3 Quail Roost Lane

Huntly, Virginia



Steven Kenny was born in 1962 and grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York State. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design and spent his early career as an award-winning illustrator in New York City. Eventually he moved his home and studio to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, gave up illustration and devoted himself entirely to his fine art. His work is now exhibited internationally and he is represented by galleries across the United States and in Europe.

Steven spent most of his childhood exploring the woods around his home and it was then that he developed a deep, lasting relationship with Nature. His love of trees, rocks, insects, and animals --- especially birds --- is evident in his choice of subjects. When looking at one of his paintings it is obvious that Steven truly enjoys the challenge of realistically painting the many faces of Nature: leaves, water, feathers, and clouds. But for Steven, Nature would not be complete without the human face as well.

The true subject matter for my work is the uneasy relationship between humans and the natural world. As the Earths population expands and technology becomes a greater part of our lives it is more difficult to live in ways that dont harm the environment and ourselves. In a more symbolic sense, the figures in my paintings interact with, and are confronted by, the wilderness of their own human natures. Our inner landscapes are equally as mysterious, dangerous and beautiful as the external world. So these paintings can be interpreted as depictions of our own struggle to find inner balance and make peace with our souls. This is why birds --- often emblems of spirit and transcendence throughout art history --- appear so frequently. For me, they are perfect metaphors for all aspects of the human condition.

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