Janet Brome Painting

Janet Brome

10 Buck Mountain Road

Bentonville, Virginia



Janet Brome grew up in San Diego. She majored in art in college and worked as a fashion illustrator in San Francisco before serving in the Peace Corps in Bolivia. She then worked in arts education in suburban Maryland. From 1978 - 1988 Janet was a potter. She then returned to the field of education as a Gifted and Talented Resource Teacher.

She has devoted full time to her artwork since the summer of 2000. She has studied at The Maryland College of Art and Design, The Corcoran College of Art, and The Art League in Alexandria. She has received two grants to study drawing and sculpture. Janet has art taught at the Regional Governor's School for the Arts, teaches at Lord Fairfax Community College, and conducts workshops in the region.

She lives with her husband, Chuck, in the old Limeton Schoolhouse in Warren County, VA.

I enjoy starting a piece with an idea and letting the content dictate the medium and the approach. This takes me into new territory and into three-dimensional work. I am currently intrigued by metal screen and what it does when manipulated. When working with screen, I simply try to be open to what the material wants to do.

Whatever the medium, whatever the subject, my goal is to explore new territory. I hope that in so doing, the work I make will engage the viewer and offer delight or wonder.

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