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Gary Anthes

5137 North 38th Street

Arlington, Virginia



I specialize in the photography of Rappahannock County, Va. and rural and natural areas in the Western U.S. I try to avoid bringing any pre-conceived style or vision to my photographs, believing that each image is best approached on its own terms, speaking its strengths in its own voice. The most satisfying results come when an image is rendered realistically but simply, with non-essential elements excluded where possible. For me, it is this combination of simplicity and realism that make a photograph worthy of appreciation over many years.

I have spent nearly my whole life in Virginia, living first in the Shenandoah Valley and now in Arlington, and I spend many weekends at a farm in Rappahannock County. I am a journalist and have worked for a variety of publications. I also write and photograph for the Travel section of The Washington Post. I am married, with two daughters and a dog.

Digital Photography Philosophy and Practice

I made the transition from film to digital photography several years ago, when I felt digital could equal or exceed film in quality. But I have strict rules limiting my use of the technology, whether the final print is for sale or for my sole use. My rules are:

  • I will make the same kinds of image adjustments that film photographers have made in their darkrooms for decades -- burning, dodging, cropping and tweaking exposure, contrast, hue and color saturation.
  • Notwithstanding the above, the final image must look natural, that is, substantially as I saw it when the photograph was taken.
  • I will digitally remove small imperfections and distractions, but I will never add anything to a photograph.
  • I personally print all my photographs and indicate my complete satisfaction with the result by signing each print.
  • All prints are made using archival pigment inks and papers tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research to resist fading and color change for 71 years.

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