Rodmaking Tool Pictures

Calibration of Depth Gauge Article (PDF) - Draft Version
EZ-Cal of Depth Gauge using Dial Indicator (PDF) - Draft

Jon Lintvet and His Masters Series Form Final Forms with Masters Series in the Middle
Setting the Masters Series Form Masters Series Swelled Butt Area and a Leonard Tournament
Al Medved Router Beveler Al Medved Router Beveler
Plans for Medved Beveler Al Medved Plans for Beveler
Medved Binder and Beveler Smithwick Power Sharpener
Tom Smithwick using Power Sharpener at Roscoe Tom Smithwick with his EZ-Binder
Tom Smithwick Binder Plans
Bogart Plexiglass Setting Jig for Sharpening Bogart Modified Sharpening Guide and Setting Jig