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Carlos Santos Rods

I've always loved small rods. I like their delicacy. I like the way the rods look. I love the way the rods handle a fish - even the big boys. Small rods are a personal taste. It takes a bit more skill to cat one, but the advantages are numerous. Ever fish small, bushy streams? Try a 4'4'' banty rod made famous by Jim Payne so many years ago. Ever tie into a five pound brown trout with a five foot rod? You'll never forget the battle. I've used 6 foot rods for years on big streams like Virginia's Jackson River and even on big Minnesota lakes where the winds howl and the occasional monster pike still prowls. My favorite rod is a 5' rod that throws a 1 weight line. It's perfect for brook trout on small streams. I've been refining my flamed rods in my workshop for over a decade. I've carefully built dozens of banty and other small rods for the discriminating angler. These are tough, tight, neat rods. I use only the best material - from the cane to the double 00 silk threads to handmade nickel silver ferrules. My rods include two tips and a hexagonal rod case made of exotic, dark wood to match the rod's reel seat. The rod case is made by master woodworker Michael Hendrickson of Virginia. All my rods are flamed and include nickel silver cap and ring, turned cork handles to suit, hookkeepr and rod sock. The price for my two tip, two-piece rods is $1,200. One piece rods, which some aficionados particularly enjoy, are $1,000. Workmanship is guaranteed. Turn around time is relatively quick for this very exacting craft. Rod cases can be bought separately for $200 each, made to length.

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