Special - Classic Rod Series

Para-15 with Reel

Beginning with my 2014 production I will again start producing a limited series of fly rods that are classic rod tapers. These are rod tapers that have proven themselves over time. These are classic taper that I have found that are still a delight to fish today and have stood the test of time.

Over the years, I have accumulated a collection of accurate and fully documented classic rod tapers. These tapers were personally taken by me from original classic rods. In addition, I also have the original guide spacing to insure an accurate replication..

I have found that many tapers purported to be a classic rods were indeed not of that of the classic rods. This was brought home to me during 2002, when I had the original Leonard 50 Dry Fly rod that belonged to Arther C. "Hap" Mills on loan from the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum. Even though, the 50DF was Leonards best selling rod, I found that every taper posted to the internet was wrong! I have was further able to compare this taper against the original Leonard Template drawings used to produce the rod which confirmed the accuracy of the taper I possess. I have now been also able to replicate the ferrules used on these classic rods. I have used these for these rod and for accomplishing repair work or for replacement on original rods.

Para15 Inscription

The first rod I am producing in this series is the Paul Young Para-15. This is one of those rods that has inspired awe in the user of the power it has. This is a 8' 2 piece 6wt that can pick up and lay down 60' of line with ease. A great rod for larger water, big flies, and bigger fish.

Above is the the close-up detail of the fine thread work on the guides. Each rod will be crafted with the upmost care to insure a faithfull depiction of the original rod. These rods were designed to be fishing rods and more specifically for specific conditions at which they excell. So if you are interested in a classic rod that has stood the test of time, this is your chance.

The price for the Classic Tapers Series is $1495.