The Yellow Rose Series

One of my latest rods is a 7' 2wt. that is really a super rod. This was developed for a customer who wanted a longer but delicate rod. He has been overjoyed with the results.

This rod is named after my fly the Yellow Rose which in turn was named because of the Yellow Wings and the Rose River that I frequently fish. The original version of this rod has wraps done in pink silk and a matching Philippine Mahogany spacer in the reel seat. It is a very nice looking rod.

The Yellow Rose - A Wonderful Rod

I have variations of this taper for both 3 piece and as a 3wt. During a recent fly fishing trip, guide Steve Tenney using this rod caught a 15"+ Brown Trout using the version of this rod I had made for him. The rod showed how easily it can handle larger fish with. Steve swears he is ready for 20"+ monsters. A number of other people declare that this is the perfect trico rod for use on those summer days, still waters, and small flies.

I had a number rodmakers who have cast this rod and fell in love with it. As a result it has proven to be a popular taper for a number of rod makers and to some, their favorite.