The Western Classic

This is a new rod for this year. I have had requests from customers for a rod they can take out west to fish. I have developed this rod for those people. It is 8' 6" 3 piece 6wt DT. This rod is well suited for western spring creeks and dry fly rivers such as Henery's Fork.

This rod has almost magical powers in its ability in its ease of casting. I love this rod because it feels smaller than it is actually is. Just pick up the rod and it will almost cast its self - regardless it it is a hopper or a sulfer. The cast will be made with ease.

The history behind this rod is that I had a request from a customer last year who was interested in a to take out west. I created this rod and before I delivered it, I had orders for more. Just the nicest 6wt you ever want to cast.

Did I mention that this is one of the most beautiful rods that I have created. The proportions are classic. Did I mention that form follows function - this rod has it all.