The Shenandoah Spey

Shenandoah Spey Rod

This has been a popular rod with those seeking a managable two-hander. I have made this rod for several customers with full intermediates wraps in the tradition of classic Spey Rods. This rod can be used for spring steelhead fishing out west.

This is a 12' 3-piece 6/7 wt "light" Spey Rod for fishing larger water and just for those who want to get into Spey Casting. Living on the South Fork of the Shenandoah River I like to go out and terrorize the Smallmouth Bass in the evening. With this rod I can cover a lot of water easily and have fun doing it. This is the perfect rod for anyone who wants the benefits of a two-handed rod yet haven't found one light enough for their freshwater fishing on the east coast. This is truly a handsome rod with British Racing Green silk wraps tipped with Orange. This is your chance to step up to the world of Spey.

Shenandoah Spey

For a number of years I have been intriqued by two handed rods and Speys in particular. There is something special about them. On the way home from Corbett Lake Rodmakers Gathering in British Columbia, Tom Smithwick prompted me to build a pair (one for him - of course) from Bill Waara's taper. Tom is an accomplished Spey Caster and has given numerous demonstions of the technique. He wanted one for fresh water here on the East Coast to keep his technique sharp. I did some work on the original taper to suit my needs and construction techniques and this is the result. A very powerful rod that can easily pickup 90+ feet of line and redeposit it with a single graceful stroke. Yet what I like is the balance in the rod which makes it easy to handle and easy to cast.

Most Spey Rods have been built for Salmon Fishing. These are brutes of rods throwing heavy line weights. I wanted something much lighter (less than 13 oz. and for 6/7 weight line) that I could actually fish for something else otherthan Salmon. Latter this year I will be up on the Deleware River for both Smallmouth and the Shad Run. This would also be good for Steelhead, Lake Run Browns, and Alaska. The posibilities are endless. I can easily adapt my taper to your requirements.

Wraps on the Shenandoah Spey Rod

I have already received several requests for this rod even before it was finished by excited clients who discovered what I was developing. You better reserve yours early since I can only make a limited number of these rods because not only they require a lot of work, but they must be made from an exceptional culm of bamboo of which there is a very limited supply. The culms I use for the Shenandoah Spey approach 2 1/2" with very deep and dense power fibers. You only find a limited number of these culms in several bales of bamboo.