The Park Series

The Park Series Fly Rods are designed specifically to meet the challenges presented by the freestone streams of the Blue Ridge. I have designed a series of rods to specifically meet these fishing challenges. I love fishing the Blue Ridge for native brook trout. I reached a point where I found that my abilities exceeded the capabilities of the available rods to perform the chores I demanded of them.

A Good Sized Native Brook Trout and Park Series Rod

Rodmakers traditionally made rods to suit their local conditions. I am starting a new tradition of Virginia Rod Building in producing rods for our conditions. To this end I have created the "Park" series of rods. The Park Classic is a 2 piece 6' 3" 3wt while the Park Special is a 3 piece version designed for the backpacker. These rods will make short, accurate, and delicate casts with ease and aplomb. They also retain that reserve power to present a fly to a distant target.

Various rodmakers have short rods suitable for small streams. Yet I find their concept of short is actually long for the freestone streams. I designed the Park Series of rods to cast leader only up to 30' plus of line with equal ease. These rods will make every cast required as if it was an extension of the angler. These rods perform up to the abilities of any angler.