The Para 15


This has been a best selling rod for me.
Everyone raves about my version of this classic rod.

Para-15 Makers Signature

If you need a rod of this length and line weight for bigger waters, look no further. This will quickly become your "go to" rod for a wide range of fishing conditions.

Time and time again I ended up on big water and needed a 8' rod that could really throw some line. My rodmaking friends all had a Para-15 and usually whipped it out in these condtions. I have cast some of them with mixed results and impressions of the rod. When the Para-15 is done right, it is a great rod. I have finally come up with my version that all who have cast it, agree it is a great rod and stands out from other Para-15's.

Para-15 Stripper

This rod has is legendary in its ability to throw line a long distance. Just pick up the rod and you will feel the power you have at your disposal. With this rod, I never feel that I am "out gunned". I know fisherman even use it for steelhead fishing. The rod has that much power.

Para-15 and Reel

This is a must have rod for those who venture out on larger rivers and desire a rod that will give them the power to make any cast they need to make with ease. This rod is a legend already and this version is one of the best of any you could own.