Custom Rod Blanks

I am now in the position to produce custom rod blanks for all customers. This will now allow individuals to obtain the highest quality custom rod blanks made to existing classic tapers, my tapers, or user provided unique tapers / specifications that they could not obtain before from any rodmaker.

All this has been made possible with my JW CNC Bamboo Finish Mill and the fact that I am now a full time rodmaker. I have now been able to prepare a good amount of cane for the mill since my shop addition was completed this past summer. I have now met my current customer's orders and can now produce additional rod blanks. As my customers attest, I am producing exceptionally fine blanks when compared to any other available blanks. The CNC mill has also provided me with excess production capability that can now be used to make custom rod blanks for all customers.

Custom Rod Blanks

With the CNC mill I can literally do tapers on demand. Just update the control program with new taper numbers. I can make modifications to existing tapers based upon customer requirements.

I can make custom rod blanks based on any taper interval from 1" to 5" stations. I can also accomplish dramatic swell butts - for example the Lee Wulff "Giant Killer" blank I did for the Catskill Gathering rod. The swell will be nicely centered in the rod blank. The blanks produced on my mill are normally within plus or minus .001" flat to flat at any station. You will also note that they are exceptionally straight when compared to hand planed blanks.

Over the past year, I have reproduced classic tapers from Powell, Granger, Dickerson, Garrison, Gillum, Leonard, Payne, Thomas and T&T using this mill. It will produce a blank that most will consider either equal to or superior to either the original or any currently available blank in its quality and accuracy.

In addition to normal "solid" blanks I will offer the option for custom hollowing (E. C. Powell style) with an internal hollowing tapers.

I will offer the raw blanks at a base price (depending on number of sections and tips) that will be clean and straight. Then it will be an ala cart menu for options. I offer options for additional finishing. I can lap, fit and ferrule the blank with customer specified or provided ferrules - either Super Z or Step-down styles for a fix labor cost plus cost of the ferrules. I provide the same services with a cork grip and reel seat.

Basic cost for basic blond rod blank - add $25 for custom flaming:

Custom replacement tip / rod section using the original taper from the broken section & color to closely match - $225

Discount on multiple blanks - 2 blanks - 10%, 3 - 15%, 4+ 20% - also applies to return customers orders - previous orders count towards this discount on blank cost only. Discount does not apply to options.


Normal turnaround is less than 30 days on any blank from when the order is placed. A $150 deposit is required for all orders and payment in full plus S&H prior to delivery. You will have a 5-day inspection period once the rod blank is received.