Custom Rods

Folsom-Divine Rod

I am a custom rod maker. I have many clients who like the quality of my craftsmanship, the look and feel of my rods, but have unique individual requirements for a rod. I can usually meet most if not all requirements. I have an extremely large repository of rod tapers on hand to draw from and considerable experience in modifying existing tapers to meet today's requirements.

I specialize in making both Leonard, Payne and Dickerson rods. The reason is simple, these are great rods. What I can uniquely accomplish is replicate the classic taper on my CNC mill and then draw NS tubing and make the exact ferrules for those tapers.

In 2012 one of my custom rods won the Hardy Cup in the hands of Mike McFarland. This is a high performance rod that clearly distanced itself from the competition. I offer that rod blank as my Michigan Midge now which is a 7' 2pc 7/8wt perfect for mousing at night for big browns. It is an ideal rod for fishing streamers in tight spaces. This rod has also found a home in Russia fishing the Kola peninsula for huge browns. In one way, it pays homage to Lee Wulff who pionered the shorter rods for Atlantic Salmon.

Detail of Ferrule Wrap.

There are a number of things that constitute a custom rod from the owner's name inscribed on the rod to the cork grip being fitted to their hand. The length, line weight, and action of a rod is one component of a custom rod, The number of sections from being a one piece rod to a multi section pack rod is another. I have custom hardware for they type of reel seat desired and will match the wrap color to the wood insert.

Leonard Hunt Series - Maxwell

I have meet many challenges from the 4' 11" Blue Ridge Banty to the Shenandoah Spey Rod which is a 12' 3 piece 6wt two handed delight and finally several rods done as a TT classic Jus Swell. I can surely accommodate your specifications and requirements for your idea of a great rod.