The Blue Ridge Classic

Blue Ridge Classic and Native Brook Trout

The Blue Ridge Classic has been outstanding success since I introduced it last year as a new model to complement my Park Classic. The Blue Ridge Classic is a 7' 2-piece 4 wt that is an exceptionally smooth casting rod with a wide range of capabilities and ability. This has become my personal favorite for the mountain streams and spring creeks

Mossy Creek Brown Caught with Blue Ridge Classic

The Inspiration for this rod came from a customer who had some vintage Kent fly rods produced from the late 30's to early 70's. Kent was a bamboo rodmaker from Vinton, VA who made rods for fishing the freestone streams. I was fascinated by his efforts, so I took the taper from the originals analyzed, and cleaned them up to produce a rod that far surpasses the original in the range of performance but retains the heritage. The customer was so taken with the result that he had to have the first prototype. I have now extensively fished this rod and it performs magnificently under many conditions from the Freestone streams of the Blue Ridge Mountain's to the Spring Creeks of the Shenandoah Valley.

This rod was designed for mountain freestone streams and classic eastern spring creek fishing conditions. The rods are 7' and easily cast 4wt DT line with ease. It is a smooth casting rod with lots of power. I have fished the Blue Ridge freestone streams and many of the eastern spring creeks with this rod. It is your a good bet for near to medium distance fishing conditions. Can make any cast the angler desires with ease and can really throw a line.

Blue Ridge Classic with Bradley Reel

This is a good medium action rod with a parabolic taper that does all the work for the caster. It is a fantastic roll casting rod that can also pound a beetle on the spring creek. This rod has surprising power that can make the long cast when required.

This rod is "the" rod for the experienced dry fly fisherman who wants to enjoy the Zen of casting an outstanding bamboo fly rod. This rod epitomizes everything a bamboo fly rod should be