The Blue Ridge Banty Rod Series

This is a rod made especially for small stream specialists. This is a 4' 11" rod with a fine tip and has a moderate swell in the butt. It really handles a 4wt DT line quite nicely. It can make those quick short casts in very tight conditions and then handle a large brookie with authority.

This rod is definitely not a toy! It means serious business on the stream. It can cast from leader only out to some really impressive lengths with no sign of giving up. It is a real blast to fish.

Blue Ridge Banty Rod Series

The history behind this rod is that I had a request from a customer this year who was interested in a Banty Rod. He had been the biographer of Arnold Gingrich and had a fascination with his Payne Banty Rods. Additionally I had discovered a small and I do mean a small and narrow stream flowing off the Blue Ridge that had a good flow and a nice population of Native Brook Trout that never gets fished because of the over hang and brush. I really wanted a rod for that stream and those conditions.

After checking my sources I soon discovered there were very few Banty Rod tapers around and the taper for the famed Payne Banty Rod Taper was nowhere to be found. So I ended up designing this rod based on available information and input. The result is a very quick little rod with good backbone that doesn't feel like a wimp.

Just for the record, the stream I discovered really has some monster brookies in it and it is a nice feeling knowing that not many people can even attempt to fish the stream even though it is not far from a road and generally easily accessible.