The Ardith

The Ardith

This is considered by many, a truely a fantastic rod. I could have easily called this rod "Spring Creek Special". This is an 8' 3-piece 4 wt (DT) rod that is truly outstanding. This rod exceeded my expectations and fully satisfies the customer who challenged me to build it. This rod is based upon an 1928 Hiram Hawes Leonard Model 40 Tournament Rod that was outstanding in its own right. The customer wanted a bit more strength in the mid and up the line weight from 3 to 4wt. The rod is named after his wife for whom the rod was designed for and delivered as a Christmas present.

Detail of the Ardith

This rod brings out the best in a caster. It lays out line easily and evenly. The delicate tip is perfect for those fine tippets and small flies required for a spring creek. Yet it can lay out a tremendous amount of line easily and accurately. The remarkable thing about this rod is that the caster does not realize the length of the rod - it feels smaller than it is actually is.

I fished this rod long and hard this year on both the Virginia and Pennsylvania Spring Creeks. This rod really makes a world of difference when fishing those spooky trout with small flies and crystal clear water. I could actually cast over the fish with this rod without spooking them since it lays out the line so nicely. If you fish a lot of Tricos, BWOs, and midges, then this got to be the rod for you. It has a fine tip that will protect your 6 X or 7 X tippet yet have enough butt power to make that 60 - 70 foot cast or control the largest trout.

Note the subtle detail in the wraps on this rod. I gave this rod special lighter silk wraps to accent the special Agate stripping guide. Let me know if you like this treatment.

As for the customer feedback on this rod:

"Today Rod was cast on lawn in minor gale. It was pronounced to be absolutely fantastic!!!"
"Best four weight ever - - doesn't even feel like 8ft - - - more like seven."
"Should be fantastic on spring creeks, wish I had it years ago" ...
"You have outdone yourself"...