Bamboo Fly Rod Making Classes

Next scheduled class: President's Day Week February 16 - 21, 2015
(Monday - Saturday)

I have only one opening available for this class.
This class is still open.

Expanded Rod Shop - Summer 2007

I have been giving rodmaking classes now for almost 20 years now. I have had over a 100 students who all have successfully completed the course. I also give regular presentations at rodmakers gatherings. I have a vast knowledge and experience to provide the best instruction possible.

I retired to become a full time rodmaker and I am now spending full time in my Rod Shop / fishing with my rods. I have also just finished expanding my main work room to 26' x 20'. It is now a large, well lighted and airy workspace that will better facilitate my own rod work and giving classes. The student workbenches are in the same room with my rodmaking equipment. The workshop is now approximately 1300sq ft with a full kitchen, bathroom and is centrally heated. In the loft, I store and age my culms of tonkin bamboo. It serves as the perfect environment in which to make bamboo fly rods and conduct rodmaking classes.

Expanded Rod Shop 2007 Expanded Rod Shop 2007
Expanded Rod Shop 2007 Expanded Rod Shop 2007
Expanded Rod Shop 2007 Expanded Rod Shop 2007

Rodmaking Class Student Checklist and partial cure for CRS! (PDF File)

Directions to Shenandoah Rods - PDF File.

I offer both week long (6 days) classes each February and individualized weekend classes. The classes are intense and will last from 8 - 10 hours each day, depending on how quickly the student masters and accomplishes the tasks. The total cost for the Februray class is $950 which includes all materials. For other time frames the cost for individual classes is $1050 each for two students and $1250 for a single student with personalized attention.

A Classic Stanley 9 1/2 Block Plane tuned up and ready to go

The Rodmakers Home Page Link.

This is the one link you need for internet information on Rodmaking. It is the rodmakers home page hosted by me and maintained by Jerry Foster who does and excellent job. You can find some of my articles on rodmaking here. Also links to the sources of rodmaking materials, information, and taper archive.