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Chris Bogart - Maker

At Shenandoah Rods I have been creating premium handcrafted bamboo fly rods created for the discriminating angler for over 20 years. I have created several series of rods designed specifically to satisfy the demands of the accomplished angler when fishing the freestone streams of the Blue Ridge Mountains for Native Brook Trout. These rods will make short, accurate, and delicate casts with ease while retaining power in reserve. I also offer outstanding rods to meet the whole range of fishing needs. From the classic trout streams of the Catskills to Michigan to Atlantic Salmon in Nova Scotia. I have also produced a number of custom rods to meet specific customer needs for havingthe finest fishing implement made today for many demanding conditions.

For 2014 I have updated my website. I appologize that I cannot possibly list all the available models I make any longer. I can successfully accomplish the reproduction of classic rods. I specialize in reproducing the classic rod Nickel Silver ferrules for Leonard, Payne, Dickerson, Heddon amoung others. This offers a level of capability not found with many rodmakers. I now can successfully accomplish some of the most challenging rods ever produced to include the incredible T&T Jus Swell series of rods and the dimunitive Varney and Leonards with incredibly fine tips. Lastly, I can perform the most precise hollowing on bamboo fly rods that there ever has been.

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